Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lilith Saintcrow

List of book by this author:

The Watcher SeriesDark Watcher (2004)
Storm Watcher (2005)
Fire Watcher (2006)
Cloud Watcher (2006)
Mindhealer (2008)

The Society SeriesThe Society (2005)
Hunter, Healer (2005)

Dante ValentineWorking for the Devil (2005)
Dead Man Rising (2006)
The Devil's Right Hand (2007)
Saint City Sinners (2007)
To Hell and Back (2008)

The Keeper Books(under the pseudonym Anna Beguine)
Smoke (2007)
Mirror (2007)

SteelflowerSteelflower (2007)

The Demon's LibrarianThe Demon's Librarian (2009)

Jill KismetNight Shift (2008)
Hunter's Prayer (2008)
Redemption Alley (2009)
Flesh Circus (2009)
Heaven's Spite (2010)
Angel Town (2011)

Strange Angels(under the name Lili St. Crow)
Strange Angels (2009)
Betrayals (2009)
Jealousy (2010)
Defiance (2011)
Reckoning (2011)

Haven't read any of them yet, but they look good! I've started collecting the Strange Angel series, since it looks like Buffy with a vampire hunter and all. (enter comp for books) (enter comp for necklace)

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