Sunday, 19 June 2011

Face of BeautyUk

"The Amazing Prize will see the winner becoming the Face Of BeautyUk for a whole year, the chance to win a modelling contract with Models1, a full photo shoot and a year's supply of BeautyUk make-upworth £200" <-- This is the compition I entered at SugarScape (magazine, online comp)

Click here to vote for me!

This is what I write for the compition:

"Im told Im photogenic and even if I dont look like every other girl, Im pretty. Im not stick thin, but am curvaceous. It would be a great experience being a model and having a photo shoot. I love makeup and recently enrolled at college on a makeup and hair course."

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lilith Saintcrow

List of book by this author:

The Watcher SeriesDark Watcher (2004)
Storm Watcher (2005)
Fire Watcher (2006)
Cloud Watcher (2006)
Mindhealer (2008)

The Society SeriesThe Society (2005)
Hunter, Healer (2005)

Dante ValentineWorking for the Devil (2005)
Dead Man Rising (2006)
The Devil's Right Hand (2007)
Saint City Sinners (2007)
To Hell and Back (2008)

The Keeper Books(under the pseudonym Anna Beguine)
Smoke (2007)
Mirror (2007)

SteelflowerSteelflower (2007)

The Demon's LibrarianThe Demon's Librarian (2009)

Jill KismetNight Shift (2008)
Hunter's Prayer (2008)
Redemption Alley (2009)
Flesh Circus (2009)
Heaven's Spite (2010)
Angel Town (2011)

Strange Angels(under the name Lili St. Crow)
Strange Angels (2009)
Betrayals (2009)
Jealousy (2010)
Defiance (2011)
Reckoning (2011)

Haven't read any of them yet, but they look good! I've started collecting the Strange Angel series, since it looks like Buffy with a vampire hunter and all. (enter comp for books) (enter comp for necklace)

Monday, 16 May 2011

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater is doing a competition to win her new book Forever which will be coming out soon. This book is from the series called 'The Wolves of Mercy Falls' and is book three in the trilogy. In the book Grace and Sam are the main charcters...

In Forever, the stakes are even higher than before. Wolves are being hunted. Lives are being threatened. And love is harder and harder to hold on to as death comes closing in.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Five Minute Writing

"Hey you back into line." Yelled the Easter bunny. He hopped over to the naughty rabbit who'd been nibbling at the kids chocolate eggs and with his paw swotted him over the head, taking his basket away from him to give to another. "Now fellas, let us hide these chocs, before the kids come out."
Two women were talking together in fluent French as they entered the Moulin Rouge. They both headed to the dressing room to have their make-up done and put on their costumes, which were frilly skirts, fishnet tights and feathered head dresses.
Holly smiled with excitement, when she found a kinder egg stuffed down the back of the sofa. She quickly pealed the wrapping of and eat the chocolate, inside she found a small purple dinosaur toy which in the palm of her hand, came alive.
What word should I use, fabulous or fantastic? Which one of these will be my chosen word? I'm writing a scene but don't know what word to use.
Salty water comes in with the tide, hissing and spraying, making us wet. Sea weed crackles under our feat, rough but just damp on the flesh.
Be 'my valentine?' Puff what a silly phrase. All this, for a day based on Saint Valentine, who lived hundreds of years ago. A day of love? Where for Cupid strikes people with arrows...
A vintage rhinestone aquamarine locket.
Gleaming gold in the sunshine.
Blue like the sea, will fit in my pocket.
Worn around my neck, it's quite fine.
Sad, tears, throbbing throat, aching chest, hick-up, sniff, tissue please, runny nose, yuck snot, weeping sorrow, red and swollen, bad memories go, wiped away, chocolate now, make things better.
"Mum, don't worry I've got Tiger with me." The little girl of about ten said into her pink phone, clutching a stuffed animal. "I told you I'm all will cuddle me if I have a scary dream." She twirled a ringlet round her finger.
He glanced back at his loved ones for the last time. The trees were bare, their golden brown leaves crunched beneath his feat. Though in a photo everything would be black and white, since coloured photos were not yet invented.
Children of all ages dress up and get together to watch spooky movies, trick or treat on Halloween.
I was in a throng of people, it was loud and very busy. I didn't like it. Edging my way to the side, I tried to make myself invisible.
Mint is a nice smell, it's refreshing and tastes good. Rubbish bins smell bad, their revolting.
The scent was strong, reminding me of a soap shop, however this fragrant wasn't that pleasant as the others, sniffing it gave me a little of a headache. What was that smell? It was so unusual.
I remember when, my brother was younger. He was cute and people always mistook him for a girl, because of his long golden curls. Now though it's another story, he still can be charming but most of the time he's annoying!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

rewriten Beauty and The Beast

There was once a wealthy family, whom became poor. For the father went out every night gambling and drowning his sorrow for the loss of his wife. The two older sisters weren't any better example, for they also spent their share on drugs and alcohol. The only sensible one was the youngest Bella Donna.

One night, the father came home, having got lost in the forest and helped by a hairy stranger, who claimed he was very rich and would help the family get their wealth back. The hairy stranger Wolfram, failed to mention at the time, by getting their wealth back, one of his daughters had to get married to him.

Wolfram fell in love with Bella Donna, when he stayed for dinner and saw that she was the most prettiest, from the three daughters. After his meal with them, Wolfram said he had to go. However he didn't leave, he stayed in the garden and from behind the tree, watched Bella Donna in her room getting ready for bed. He was a strange man, a bit twisted in the mind, that might be since it was a full moon and he was mental at this time of the month, being a werewolf and all.

When the moon was at it's highest and Wolfram resembled a hairy man, with claws, fangs, a tail and pointy ears; He climbed the vines up to Bella Donna's balcony and snuck into her room. He found her sleeping upon a feathered mattress and lifted her gently into his arms.

She did not wake until they were at his castle. She really was a heavy sleeper, not only did she sleep through a kidnapping, she also weighed a tone. Which is surprising for she looked like a model.

When Bella Donna awoke, she screamed. She was surrounded by red rose, which she was allergic to. But also there was a man, if you could call him one, kneeling on one knee with a massive diamond ring.

She stayed in his castle, being kept there against her will. And in one day had learned many things about her Kidnapper, who now had lost the tail and ears, and was just hairy. He shared many of her hobbies, such as cooking. She was begging to fall in love with him, but her feelings changed as soon as she looked at his grotesque face.

Later that night she runaway. Nevertheless as soon as Bella Donna got home, her father made her go back to the castle again, after hearing her retell the story about the giant diamond ring.

When she and her father reached the gates to the castle, she realized she did love him, for he was a sweet man and his appearance wouldn't stop her to marry him. So you can guess how surprised and delighted she was to find him handsome, shaved and nicely groomed.

Bella Donna and Wolfram, lived happily ever after. Except the three days of the month, when there was a full moon.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Red Hair Colour

Which shade of red hair colour is the best...?

copper red (bright or dark), amber, auburn, strawberry blonde, terracotta, berry red, mahogany, ginger, persimmon red, rich red tomato, cherry red, cinnamon red or cherry black...?
So many different colours, but which one is the best...
I died my hair cherry black last summer (Cheryl Cole's colour up there ^) and have wondered if I should die my hair again and what shade would it be.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Surviving Scotland

The opaque sky and sea blend together, cloudy typical English weather, though we weren't in England we were on an island of the coast of Scotland. A survival course. I shivered, wrapping my arms around myself. I was dressed in several layers, jumper, coat, walking boots and a heavy rucksack of 80 Lt's. Plus I had to carry the pots and pans, my friends insisted.

I was tired, thirsty and as we approached a small clean flowing stream, I fell onto all fours, with my hands I scooped water up and brought it to my cracked lips.

In amongst the grass, bloodsucking ticks crawled around, waiting to touch bare flesh and sink their teeth in. They would swell into big balloons, before falling off or get the tweezer treatment, then they would be plucked.

As I bent down for more water, I noticed one of them making it's way up my exposed arm. Before it had the chance to attach, I flicked it off. They weren't the only vampire around here. There was also the mosquito, flying and biting everyone, in their wake.

Slate, shells and other stones crunched under our feet as we walked to the shore. The jade hills rolled to the edge of the coastline and far behind me, stretching endlessly.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

HK, travel writing

On the ferry to Lamma Island, I leaned back in my chair. Remembering the sight of the silver buildings, towering over me, all lit in bright colours against the dark sky, reflecting in the inky water. It was busy there and people spoke in a language that sounded like gibberish to me. The most memorial thing was the touch of the humid summer.

The wind whipped my hair back and the waves crashed against the side of the boat, taking us further from Hong Kong and to where my father lived. I scoured the sea for dolphins, though they seemed to be hiding. It was my goal to see a dolphin jumping with the waves, but so far no luck.

When my family and I got of the ferry, the first thing to hit me was the stench. There was many restaurants on the island and nearly every one of them, had tanks of all sorts of fish outside, waiting to be chosen to be put on a plait. I never ate them, but favoured the ginger fried rice.

The pastel coloured houses sat scattered on the hill, over looking the sea. I wasn't to stay in one of those houses till a later date, for now I was going to my father's apartment, which lay past the village and in a woodier environment.

My father wrapped his arms around me and talked about all the adventures we'd have.

For my writing course under the theme travel piece.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

The leopard look

I used for the coating different shades of foundation. A lighter one all over and a darker one, for the sides of my face sweeping towards my lips and some on the bridge of my nose.
I drew a thin line, with a brown eye liner (from the top of my nose) that circled into a awkward looking semi circle. (to my mouth) Which done on both sides, looks like an upside down heart. (think about a leopard and look at the picture, to get what I'm talking about) Then used the foundation to blend it in.
Then I used the black eyeliner to do cat eyes, think of Amy Winehouse she does dramatic cat eyes. Put eye shadow on, a Goldy/brown colour.
I used a black lipstick and cover my whole bottom lip, but with the top I missed a little out. (My lipstick is not that good, since its cheep. I'll need to get a new one)
I used my black eye liner, to draw a line from my lip to my nose and then coloured the tip of my nose in, drawing a upside down curve (again look at a leopard picture)
Then with the same liner, spotted a few rows for whiskers.
After I used brown eyeshadow to make spots on my forehead and cheeks, outlining half of it with eye liner to get the marking.

Look at this wicked leopard tutorial

Neytiri Avatar

I did my Na'vi look, with blue water make-up, which is put on the whole face.
Then with a darker shade of blue, I painted the stripes and tried to keep them even, on both sides of the face and forehead.
You could also use some blush on the cheeks and the end of your nose.
After doing the stripes, I got a white eyeliner and drew dots following the marks on my cheeks, forehead, nose (which you would put some random ones on, since there's no marks) and around my eyes.
When thats all done, then you can do your eyes with black eyeliner (the cats eye) This I find is the hardest part. Since I haven't had much practice doing this yet, hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to do this fluently.

When this is all done, then you can dress up and braid your hair or wair a wig. It would be cool if you had yellow contacts, so you would look more like a Na'vi and a feline prosfetic mask (

Look at this blog, it has some awesome theatre make-up tutorials.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine Poems

Everlasting Love

For Rhosmari
Who's the flower of my garden
The star that shines within my spiritual being

My love for you was buried deep
Kept a secret
For I could not speak out loud
Tongue tided in your very presence
Is this a one way thing
Or does your heart bleed too?
No I shan't think that

For Cupid has struck me with his golden arrow
And now all I dream about is you
Your my soul mate I'm sure of it
As sure as the angels that whispered it to me.

When I picture you, your an angel
Through your immortal soul and illusion
Your sunlit hair and roseate cheeks
As a lioness proud and flawless

To hear you sing that sweet melody
And your laugh, like birds in the morning
Are both blessings to my ears

I'd imagine you'd feel as soft as petals
And taste as luxurious as wine
Intoxicating me with your rich aroma

Will you be my Valentine?

Yours forever Dean x


Will I be your valentine?
Yes I will, for now your mine.
Yer yer yer...

Since Dean, I like you in your jeans.
Your so damn clean.
Your my kind of scene.
And we're just teens.

When I read your letter I was scarlet.
Since boy your my orbit.
Going around in circles in my mind.
I was so blind.
Spellbind, spellbind.

For you was my secret too.
Making my poetic heart bleed too.

Lets rewind and be reminded of.
That winged baby who worked his magic on us.
So maybe this firework was thus,
The glamour of two souls entwined.
Weaved together like vines.

First piece, fictionalized Valentine love letter/poem, for mcmb site. And seconded piece, a reply written in song poem format.