Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine Poems

Everlasting Love

For Rhosmari
Who's the flower of my garden
The star that shines within my spiritual being

My love for you was buried deep
Kept a secret
For I could not speak out loud
Tongue tided in your very presence
Is this a one way thing
Or does your heart bleed too?
No I shan't think that

For Cupid has struck me with his golden arrow
And now all I dream about is you
Your my soul mate I'm sure of it
As sure as the angels that whispered it to me.

When I picture you, your an angel
Through your immortal soul and illusion
Your sunlit hair and roseate cheeks
As a lioness proud and flawless

To hear you sing that sweet melody
And your laugh, like birds in the morning
Are both blessings to my ears

I'd imagine you'd feel as soft as petals
And taste as luxurious as wine
Intoxicating me with your rich aroma

Will you be my Valentine?

Yours forever Dean x


Will I be your valentine?
Yes I will, for now your mine.
Yer yer yer...

Since Dean, I like you in your jeans.
Your so damn clean.
Your my kind of scene.
And we're just teens.

When I read your letter I was scarlet.
Since boy your my orbit.
Going around in circles in my mind.
I was so blind.
Spellbind, spellbind.

For you was my secret too.
Making my poetic heart bleed too.

Lets rewind and be reminded of.
That winged baby who worked his magic on us.
So maybe this firework was thus,
The glamour of two souls entwined.
Weaved together like vines.

First piece, fictionalized Valentine love letter/poem, for mcmb site. And seconded piece, a reply written in song poem format.

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