Saturday, 26 February 2011

Neytiri Avatar

I did my Na'vi look, with blue water make-up, which is put on the whole face.
Then with a darker shade of blue, I painted the stripes and tried to keep them even, on both sides of the face and forehead.
You could also use some blush on the cheeks and the end of your nose.
After doing the stripes, I got a white eyeliner and drew dots following the marks on my cheeks, forehead, nose (which you would put some random ones on, since there's no marks) and around my eyes.
When thats all done, then you can do your eyes with black eyeliner (the cats eye) This I find is the hardest part. Since I haven't had much practice doing this yet, hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to do this fluently.

When this is all done, then you can dress up and braid your hair or wair a wig. It would be cool if you had yellow contacts, so you would look more like a Na'vi and a feline prosfetic mask (

Look at this blog, it has some awesome theatre make-up tutorials.

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