Saturday, 26 February 2011

The leopard look

I used for the coating different shades of foundation. A lighter one all over and a darker one, for the sides of my face sweeping towards my lips and some on the bridge of my nose.
I drew a thin line, with a brown eye liner (from the top of my nose) that circled into a awkward looking semi circle. (to my mouth) Which done on both sides, looks like an upside down heart. (think about a leopard and look at the picture, to get what I'm talking about) Then used the foundation to blend it in.
Then I used the black eyeliner to do cat eyes, think of Amy Winehouse she does dramatic cat eyes. Put eye shadow on, a Goldy/brown colour.
I used a black lipstick and cover my whole bottom lip, but with the top I missed a little out. (My lipstick is not that good, since its cheep. I'll need to get a new one)
I used my black eye liner, to draw a line from my lip to my nose and then coloured the tip of my nose in, drawing a upside down curve (again look at a leopard picture)
Then with the same liner, spotted a few rows for whiskers.
After I used brown eyeshadow to make spots on my forehead and cheeks, outlining half of it with eye liner to get the marking.

Look at this wicked leopard tutorial

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