Sunday, 19 September 2010

My List of ideal Jobs

My list of ideal jobs...

1. Author. To write fictional romance and supernatural young adult books.

2. Acting/extra. To act in chick flicks, adventure and supernatural movies + tv series.

3. Make-up artist. To do theatre make-up, normal and face painting.

4. Photographer.

5. Entertainer for holiday camps.

6. Illustrator/comic book art/cover art.

7. Do something in a magazine.

8. Librarian.

9. Rent Rooms. but not any old room...themed rooms. tree houses, gypsy vans, log huts, fairy rooms like Fairy Love's....gardens with lakes and everything...

10. Puplisher/agent.

11. Do costume for movies/theatre.

12. Fashion designer or room designer.

13. Artist, cards and paintings.

14. Tv Producer/director. Something creative in the movie industry...

15. If have to work in a shop it would be Waterstones/WHSmith.

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