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Role-playing pen to paper, is where you play out a story. Users will come up with ideas for the story and you will make your own characters. Users will write a line/paragraph in there characters pov and then the other users will also do the same and it goes on and on. No god modding, don't control other peoples characters.

I'm doing a role-play on Meg Cabot's forum. My story is called Mystical Beings. It's about a group of friends that are not quite human and are very much paranormal. Each are different from one another, yet still close in their friendship. These friends live in a magical world called Gemageia. They attend a boarding school...
These friends could be any magical creatures such as witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, ghosts, demons, psychics, angels, half breeds....etc

My Characters are.

Name: Anya Summers
Age: 16 years old
Appearance: Small and dainty, green eyes, auburn short spiky hair, pointy ears, delicate emerald wings. Wears forest coloured long skirts and flowing tops, hippy clothes.
Personality: Makes words up or speaks in poetry, she lives in her own little world, is unique and other beings think she's mad.
Species: Fairy


Name: William Rush (Will)
Age: 17 years old
Appearance: Tall and slim but muscular, silver eyes, raven short curly hair, pale skin, fangs. Wears dark colours, leather jackets and jeans.
Personality: Doesn't play by the rules, is a bad boy, dark and seductive, handsome and sexy, he's misunderstood for he is quite sweet to the one he loves.
Species: half vampire (mother's side) , half werewolf (father's side)

I start the story of like this:

It was the start of a new year and already William had detention for missing the first few lessons. Now it was lunch and he scoured the ever green school field searching for his friends.

Anya sensed Will was near and looked over her book of 'Romeo and Juliet' to make eye contact with him. "Old English is so beautiful" She said, randomly.

Then there's the role-playing which is like acting, we're doing that at English at the moment. We did do a scene, where we were stuck up a cliff and it was fun with all the drama. Now we're historical people, I'm Joan of Arc and we have to act like we're talking about the modern age, while sitting in heaven.

I was think about sitting with my legs apart, like a man and acting confident. I'd speak in olden language (thy, thus, ye, art thou..) and talk about how I'm glad woman are treated equal to men and are allowed to weir men's attire.

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